The "Wolfman" Devours the Field at the IFSA Pan American Championships Qualifier

Even if he weighed less than 105 kg, "local hero Cristiano Souza was the revelation of the day," IFSA CEO Jussi Laurimaa said.

An injury would force Souza's retirement, and when the dust settled, it was Philip "Wolfman" Pfister who dominated the Pan American Championships qualifier. The official placing and points for the top five were:

1. Philip "Wolfman" Pfister (USA) 40.0 points
2. Travis Ortmayer (USA) 36.5
3. Mark "Spice Man" Felix (Grenada) 35.0
4. Geoff "Tiger" Dolan (Canada) 34.0
5. Karl "Gladiator" Gillingham (USA) 32.5

The finals are tomorrow.

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