The Latest From All Nations

Continuing to keep us on top of the action at the All-Nations strongman competition, Dione Wessels just filed this report.

"In today's events, it is Team Canada against Team Netherlands. In the first event, team Netherlands finishes with the 5th stone in a time of 134.95, and Team Canada finishes with all stones with a time of 201.52. Brad Carty becomes the second man to load the black stone. Team Canada takes the win for this event.

The second event is the three man log lift. Team Netherlands finishes with 5 repetitions before one of their members bangs his shin with the log. Team Canada comes in to do 6 repetitions for the win. Team Netherlands comes out in the weight for ht. and finishes with the 4th implement of 86#'s with a time of 47.43 over Team Canada's time with the 86# implement with a time of 101.18. The next event is the All Strength Stone Walk. Travis Lyndon walks an amazing distance of 306' , then Geoff Dolan finishes the walk with another 300'. Team Netherlands finishes the walk off at 528' giving Team Canada the win. Team Canada has now won 3 of the 7 events with 3 more events to go.

The fifth event is the Strongman Wrestling. Team Netherlands dominates the Canadians with two victories in the wrestling. Team Netherlands has won 2 events to Team Canada's three.

In Event 6, the Pole Push, Team Canada with Geoff Dolan as the anchor, drove Team Netherlands across the line in both events, totally dominating this event.

For the 7th event, the four-man Sudan Walk, the Dutch team will have only three men since one guy was injured on the log, so three of their guys try to pick up the implement but fail. They definitely gave it a lot of heart. Team Canada only needs to move it a couple of feet, but goes halfway with the implement instead. Team Canada wins 5 of the 7 events against the Netherlands."

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