"The King's Got To Be . . . Zydrunas"

Noting Zydrundas Savickas's fifth consecutive victory in the Arnold strongman contest, IFSA founder Dr. Douglas Edmunds said, "The king's got to be Zydrunas Savickas."

More than even on the Arnold strongman contest, Edmunds was commenting on Savikas' stature among strongmen. "The Arnold is known as being a tough, heavy contest," Edmunds said. "Zydrunas is the man and people must accept that."

Edmunds was also quick to laud the performance of Andrus Murumets, a last-minute replacement for Benedikt Magnusson. Murumets, a former world record holder in the Rolling Thunder®, is known in strongman circles for his ferocious grip, and his performance at the Arnold this past weekend validates Edmunds' feeling that Andrus Murumets has always been a bit of a darkhorse - his performance at the Arnold will mean that Murumets will have to be considered a top prospect for the podium in any heavy strongman contest.

Sparing no praise for the performance of Zydrunas Savickas, Edmunds called him "unbelievable" and in reviewing all the great strongmen he has had the privilege of knowing, Edmunds summed things up by saying of Savickas, "He's the strongest man of the generation."

Zydrunas Savickas was first at the Arnold, followed by Vasyl Virastyuk and then Andrus Murumets. Phil Pfister was fourth; Oleksander Pekanov and Mikhail Koklyaev (who was guarding a possible hamstring injury) were tied for fifth place. Brian Siders was seventh, Steve MacDonald eighth, Karl Gillingham ninth and Travis Ortmayer tenth.

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