The IronMind Red Nail® Rules

It began with John Brookfield, the first to succeed; then it gathered steam as more guys locked horns with the IronMind® Red Nail™; and finally it burst upwards when Gavin Holle proved that he, too, could do the job.

As more guys attack this benchmark in the bending world, IronMind® has been working to help recognize the different legitimate bending styles that are emerging as the field grows—without diluting the spirit of the challenge—so that IronMind® can officially recognize all who succeed.

There are several recognized methods for legitimately bending an IronMind® Red Nail™: 1) hands at waist-level, bending the nail downward into a U; 2) hands at chest-level, bending the nail downward into a U; 3) hands at head- or chest-level, bending the nail upward into a U.  Other variations are acceptable, so long as: 1) only your hands are touching and bending the nail 2) you are not pushing the nail against any other body part or other object; 3) you are not using any other materials or devices, except for protective hand pads, on the nail; 4) the bend is completed within 1 minute; 5) you are bending an authentic IronMind® Red Nail™ that has not been modified in any way; 6) you bend the nail into a U shape.

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