The Holles Nail the IronMind Red

Gavin Holle sent shock waves through some quarters of the strength world when he casually bent an IronMind® Red Nail in July, but that was only a warmup compared to what he and his brothers did earlier today.

Since it was introduced in 1993, bending the IronMind® Red Nail has been the mark of a world-class short bender, and for nearly ten years John Brookfield stood alone as being someone we recognized as succeeding at this tremendous test of strength.  In preparation for the Holle brothers' assault on this universally-recognized standard for a really tough short bend, a package of these Red Nails had sent directly from IronMind Enterprises, Inc. to the man who was going to be the Holles' official witness: the package included not just full-length reds (7 inches), but also some that had been cut down: 6-1/2 inches, 6 inches, and 5-1/2 inches.

Nathan Holle said that he was along primarily to support his brothers, but he gave the red a shot and kinked it, although he could not fully bend it.  Jay Holle fully bent a 7-inch IronMind® Red Nail, and attempted a 6-1/2 inch but he could not bend it.  Craig Holle fully bent a 7-inch and a 6-1/2 inch, but could not bend the 5-1/2 inch IronMind® Red Nail.  And Gavin Holle also fully bent a 6-1/2 inch, as well as a 6-inch IronMind® Red Nail, and got a 5-1/2 inch into an L-shape. This was an extraordinary performance, but just what we have come to expect from the Holle brothers.

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