"The Flying Geezer" Rips a World Record

Highland Games World Champion and MILO author Kent "The Flying Geezer" Durso ripped a new age-group world record in the Scottish hammer this weekend.

Competing at the Kansas City Highland Games, Durso hurled the 16-pound hammer a hefty 103 feet four inches, for a new world record in the 55+ age group.

Durso, a versatile strength athlete, has the distinction of not only lifting at Notre Dame under the tutelage of Father Lange, but also is said to have once dumped a snatch on Bob Hoffman, who was the center referee at that unfortunate moment.  Besides dominating Masters Highland Games in recent years, Durso—given his unique credentials, unbridled enthusiasm and notable hospitality—has been the official witness for some of the strongest-handed men in the great state of Tennessee, as they went for their Captains of Crush® gripper certification under his keen eye.

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