The First 1,000-Pound Deadlift

Armed with the optimism of youth and the strength of a forklift, Benedikt Magnusson says he deadlifted 410 kg last Friday in the gym because he plans to open with that weight at the Icelandic Powerlifting Championships in a couple of weeks.

For his second attempt, the 21-year old Magnusson said he plans to take 425 kg, for the all-time record. Next in his sights is 455 kg, to break the 1,000-pound barrier.

Explaining that he was the first Icelander to take 400 kg in the deadlift and later became the first Icelander to make the watershed weight, Benedikt is obviously not intimidated by the prospect of pulling half a ton.

And in case you are wondering just what kind of smoke-and-mirrors lift he is envisioning, be prepared for a surprise: Benedikt Magnusson plans to deadlift 1,000 pounds without straps ("of course!") and in a contest.

"I just love to deadlift," he said. "It's fun and it's the only true measurement of strength. You attack the bar - if it doesn't go up, you can only blame yourself. You can't make excuses."

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