The Destroyer's Grip Challenge: US$5,000 to the Winner

Mike "The Destroyer" Roy took grip contests to a new level last year, and for 2005 he is planning something even bigger.

The Destroyer just called IronMind® to outline his proposed "Destroyer's Grip Challenge," a high-visibility grip contest that is being designed to appeal to TV as well as live audiences, and characteristic of what Mike has done in the past, look for some pretty unique events in this contest.

Kicking things off, Mike said that the first event comprises four elements, and when you hear them, you might think this sounds like an entire contest in itself: bending three six-inch long spikes, breaking three 12 inch by 1/2 inch grade 2 bolts, tearing two decks of cards three times, tearing three tennis balls, and rolling up a frying pan so that tightly that it will fit through a hole that is three inches in diameter.

Mike said his second event is the King Kong Balls challenge he introduced last year, but now he has six balls and the heaviest weighs 100 pounds. Third up is a table curl with another unique apparatus: like a swingbell, the weights are in the middle and on each end is a bar that is one-inch in diameter and two inches long, so that it only allows space for two fingers. The 225-pound bell is curled for reps.

Remember last year's banana dumbbell press and the vertical hold for time? The Destroyer said that his fourth event will combine the two: With one hand holding onto a vertical bar, while a four-cylinder engine hangs from the wrist, the other hand is used to press a 90-pound banana dumbbell for reps.

If you're still standing at this point, the final event is arm wrestling, and you have to pull both right handed and left handed.

Mike said that he talking to sponsors and working out the details at the moment, but his goal is US$5,000 for first place.

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