The Best of John Brookfield: Now on DVD

After years of just saying no, John Brookfield has come out with a series of videos/DVDs demonstrating his special talents, and the latest one, just released, captures some of John's top performances.

Benders around the world know that John's stature transcends even his spectacular performances, so benders should run to get John's tape/DVD called "The Art of Steel Bending," which covers everything from nails to scroll work.  "Kettlebell Mania" is just that (and what you will see John and Dave Bellomo demonstrating at the Arnold Expo later this week).

Just out, "The Best of John Brookfield," features such gems as John tearing 100 decks of cards in a little over two minutes (yes, you read that right), breaking chisels, and tearing tennis balls. For details and to order, please check John's website.

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