The Arnold and Qualifying for the World's Strongest Man Contest

While all World's Strongest Man contest invitations are ultimately issued by TWI, Dr. Terry Todd told IronMind® that the top three athletes at this year's Arnold Strongman Classic will receive invitations to the 2006 World's Strongest Man contest.

In response to athlete questions, IronMind® has been told by WCE that both 2005 WSMSS and 2005 WSM athletes will have the highest priority for invitations to the remainder of the 2006 WSMSS Grand Prix events, but that WCE will continue to uphold its policy of marked neutrality with regard to whatever organizations, federations or companies an athlete might be associated with, and, therefore, all competitors, regardless of their affiliations in strongman, are welcome.

On a related note, Dr. Douglas Edmunds, speaking for IFSA, told IronMind® that IFSA athletes would not be allowed to compete in WSM, saying that "we have our version of it," although he spoke warmly of his past work with the WSM staff from TWI, and he also said "World's Strongest Man can become like an Arnold - an iconic event as part of the IFSA calendar." Despite currently being on competing tracks, Dr. Edmunds and the original IFSA group - himself, Jamie Reeves, Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert - were regular figures in past WSM contests.

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