Team Ukraine Wins All Nations Challenge

Today in the finals, it is Team UK against Team Ukraine.

Here's a shot of the Pole Push at the All Nations Challenge taken earlier this week. IronMind® | Dione Wessels photo.
Here's a shot of the Pole Push at the All Nations Challenge taken earlier this week. IronMind® | Dione Wessels photo.

Today in the finals, it is Team UK against Team Ukraine. Team Ukraine went first on the Island Stones. They were not only flawless, but also quick. They finished all six stones in a record time of 137.07. Team UK had a bit of flaw on the stones, but still managed to load all of the stones in a time of 212.07 for second in the event.

On the second event, the Log Lift, Team UK goes out first and completes 12 repetitions in the log. Team Ukraine comes out and has another flawless event and completes 13 repetitions tying the record number of repetitions that was set earlier by Team Canada and Team USA. This is the second win for Team Ukraine.

The third event is the Four Man Sudan Walk. Team UK goes out and sets a good mark with a time of 32.70 seconds. This time also beats the record setting time that was set by Team USA on Wednesday. Team Ukraine also looked flawless, and had one set down, so their time of 35.23 was not enough to beat Team UK. The score is now two to one Team Ukraine.

Event four is The All Strength Stone Carry. Team Ukraine starts with Michael Studoff (sp). He finishes with a little over 200'. Vasyl is the second man on the stone and finishes with an overall distance of 385'. They leave a big opening for Team UK. Team UK starts off with Mark Felix who goes over 200'. Brian Turner finishes the course with a win for his team, and finishes at 450'.

The next event is the wt. for ht. Team Ukraine finishes with 4 implements in a time of 38.49 seconds. Team UK comes out and also only gets four implements, but in a time of 39.21 seconds for second place in this event.

The sixth event of the day is the Pole Push. Neither team has been defeated in this event until today. Team Ukraine wins the first of the best of three in the Pole Push. After each team is holding each other for a moment, Team Ukraine has a surge of power and wins the push over team UK. It is obvious that Team Ukraine has won the contest, so they are dropping the wrestling event.

Team Ukraine has won their second straight victory in the All Nations Challenge!!!! The overall placings are Team Ukraine-1st; Team UK-2nd; Team USA-3rd; Team Viking-4th; Team Poland-5th; Team Canada-6th; Team Netherlands-7th; Team Germany-8th.

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS

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