Team Poland, Team Viking at the All Nations

In today's events, the Island Stones were first. Team Poland puts up a very fast time with the first five stones. It is not enough for the win since Team Viking's Juha Rasssanen loads the black stone (6th) stone in 206.79 seconds for the win.

The second event is the log for reps. Team Poland completes 10 repetitions in the allotted time of 90 seconds. Team Viking comes out, and after completing 7 repetitions, says no more, so Team Poland takes the win.

The third event is the Stone Walk. Team Viking starts out with Tommy Latta. He completes 300', then Juha Rassanen finishes the walk off with another 300' for a total distance of 600'. Team Poland's first team member completes a little over 300', and the second team mate completes an equal distance in aiding Team Poland in the win with a total distance of 604'.

The fourth event is the 4 man Sudan Walk. Team Viking finishes with a great time and of 37.67 seconds. Team Poland starts out with a great stride going down the course, but drops the implement twice, and then fails to finish the course with an overall distance of 177' on the 200' course. Team Poland wins another event.

The fifth event is the Strongman Wrestling. Soon as the whistle blows, Jarek Dymek from Poland pins his opponent for the first of three matches. On the next match, Tommy Latta from the Viking team pins his opponent, but it is Team Poland that takes the match for the win in this event.

The sixth event is the Pole Push. Team Viking beats Team Poland in the first two of three Pole pushes for the win.

Going into the seventh event, the Wt. for ht., the score is tied three wins to three wins.

On the Seventh event, Team Poland fails on the fourth implement, and finishes with 3 implements in 33.15 seconds. Team Viking completes 4 implements in 42.49 seconds for the win, and also for the win against Team Poland.

Reported by Dione Wessels, NAS

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