Team Effort: Finnish Gripsters Are Moving Ahead

"Finnish gripsters are looking for stronger future with increased co-operation,” Jyrki Rantanen told IronMind today.

“We have just agreed here, that Kimmo Kokko´s webpage (  will be hosting an official TOP10 list for Finnish Rolling Thunder and Apollon’s Axle Double Overhand Deadlift all-time greatest lifts,” Rantanen said.

For a lift to be included on the list, “the result must be done in approved competition, which have the following rules,” Rantanen explained.

“Original IronMind Rolling Thunder handle (new model) and Apollon´s Axle must be used and the lifts must be refereed by IronMind approved referees (at the moment in Finland we have Kimmo Kokko (the grand father of grip strength competitions here), Sakari Selkäinaho, Jyrki Rantanen and Juha Harju).

Rolling Thunder lifting rules are as stated by IronMind, and the Apollon’s Axle Double Overhand Deadlift rules are as follows: 1-minute time limit,no suit, no sumo-style (belt ok), no wraps, no tacky or other products except chalk provided by the organizer. Both hands knuckles forward, the thumbs must be around the bar. The lift must be performed as normal conventional powerlifting deadlift—no hitching allowed and the lifter must wait for the ‘down’ signal from the referee. The lifter must remain the grip until the weights are touching the floor—otherwise the lift will be failed.

“Competition rules: the competition must have informed at least in Finnish grip boards minimum of 1 week in advance and it must have at least 3 competitors, option for ladies class, too. Also the competition must have minimum total prize money of 50€ (around 70 USD) to be shared with the top 3 lifters in each class.

“With these rules and public listing we believe to have more competitions, competitors and publicity for the grip strength sport in our country - the competition rules are to make some standards for the competitions, but they are low and economical enough to make the sport grow. “The reason why we want there to be a small price money in every contest is that we want to respect the athletes—they are the ones, who make the show in the end (no matter how small or big the competition is).  Also the opportunity for ladies class in each competition allows more ladies to join the sport and with these smaller competitions we can offer a great place to test the events and to get some experience.

“As an open suggestion I hope all grip strength countries will follow our example.  Also I would like to suggest, that IronMind, Inc. will start having World TOP 100 list in its pages for Rolling Thunder and Apollon´s Axle (results done in approved competitions),” Rantanen said.


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