Team America: IFSA-USA Ramping Up

With an eye toward bringing the sport up to new levels in America, IFSA president Douglas Edmunds, Ph.D. said today that he has been working with IFSA-USA president Jim Davis and the one-and-only Bill Kazmaier to develop a new strongman series for the US.

Seen as a rolling series that will pit the six elite strongmen against all comers, with the best six emerging only to repeat the process in the next city, the final six guys left standing at the end of the series will be Team America, and will go on to major international competition.

Right now, Edmunds explained, "The elite get everything and the guys on the fringes get nothing. This will correct that."

Also, looking for a program format that will be better suited to TV coverage and building a larger fan base, Edmunds said: "We have tried Grand Prix events, but this approach will build a continuum of interest, rather than just providing a casual glance at the sport."

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