Tarmo Mitt, Evgeny Shcherbakov Win CIS and Baltic Strongman

In a team strongman competition held in Logojsk, Belarus last weekend, the Baltic team of Tarmo Mitt and Evgeny Shcherbakov won, contest promoter Vladislav Redkin reported to IronMind today.

The Belarus team (Sergy Vachinshky and Alexander Lapyrev) was second, and the Uzbekistan team (Sergey Trubitsin, Hamza Primov) was third.

Five events were contested, with Belarus winning the farmer’s walk (135 kg x 20 m x 2) and Baltic winning the log lift (130 kg x 9 reps), the Conan’s wheel (300 kg), the stones (up to 167 kg) and the tire flip (360 kg x 14 flips)

Special guests included Leonid Taranenko ,“the legendary weight-lifter, the Olympic champion,” reported Redkin, and Sergey Konjushok, “[strongman] world champion in 105 and the head of the Ukrainian strongman league.“

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