Svend Karlsen Wins In St. Louis

Coming into the final event yesterday in Jim Davis's strongman contest, Phil Pfister led Svend Karlsen by one point, but they finished equal, with Karlsen getting the overall victory on event scores.

Final points and places were: 1) Svend Karlsen, 66.5 points 2) Phil Pfister, 66.5 3) Jarek Dymek, 51.5 4) Brian Schoonveld, 49.5 5) Johnny Perry, 44.5 6) Karl Gillingham, 44.5 7) Odd Haugen, 42.5 8) Martin Muhr, 42.5 9) Chad Smith, 42 10) Sami Heinonen, 41.5 11) Raimond Bergmanis, 41.5 12) Mark Philippi, 31 13) Wout Zylstra, 29.5 14) Ken Brown, 29.5

Perry had been injured on Thursday, crushing two vertebrae, but competed anyway on Saturday, although he skipped the Harley carry. All proceeds from this Jim Davis & Wildlife Conservation production were donated to the Children's Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis.

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