Svend Karlsen Comes Back to Win Norway's Strongest Man

Calling it "the greatest Norway's Strongest Man ever, despite terrible weather," Odd Haugen told IronMind® that Svend Karlsen had to fight his way back on the last event to recapture the lead from Arild Haugen today.

With a crowd of over 1,000 braving the rain, the competitors battled conditions so bad that Odd Haugen said the tire flip was "like flipping ice cubes." Arild Haugen, who is no relation to Odd, was described as looking like "a taller version of Mariusz [Pudzianowski]," and his performance was so noteworthy that he reportedly has garnered an invitation to a World Strongman Cup competition, and, Odd Haugen said, he will be invited to a WSM Super Series event as well.

The top four final places were:

1. Svend Karlsen
2. Arild Haugen
3. Reider Kvale
4. Odd Haugen

"This was a big step forward for strongman in Norway," Odd Haugen said.

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