Super Finish to World Weightlifting Championships...

The big boys made sure that things ended with a bang at the 1999 World Weightlifting Championships in Athens, Greece. To get things going, five lifters snatched 200 kg or more; the gold in the snatch went to Jaber (Qatar) for his 205 kg lift; and Rezazadeh (Iran) set a new world record with 206 kg. Germany's Ronny Weller, who had been expected to win the snatch, probably setting a world record in the process, bombed with 200. In the clean and jerk, Rezazadeh missed the jerk twice with 252.5, after making easy cleans, which meant Chemerkin (Russia) "only" needed 257.5 for the victory in the jerk and in the total. Chemerkin took the weight on his second attempt, and badly missed the clean. Coming back on his third attempt, with one shot for all the marbles, the 1996 Olympic champion proved once again why he's the man to beat in the Supers, as he made a dramatic success with the 257.5 kg.

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