Strongmen Can Deadlift...

True to its traditions, the IFSA Dutch Grand Prix will provide some formidable tests to the leading international strongmen who will compete for top honors. As he did in the recent Dutch Strongest Man competition, contest organizer Marcel Mostert is including a deadlift to be performed in official style, rather than the partial deadlift, often with straps, that has been typical in strongman competitions. It is expected that Jouko Ahola (Finland) and Gerrit Badenhorst (South Africa) will more than show their mettle in this event. If that's not enough to test strength, consider that the power stairs will include a 275 kg weight, and a new set of six stones is going to be used, ranging from 130 kg to 180 kg. These stones were unveiled in the Dutch Strongest Man competition, but the heaviest stone has yet to be lifted.

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