Strongman at FitExpo: Nick Best Leads, Tight Fight for 2nd to 6th

The Angeles FitExpo had a PR day yesterday and the strongman contest more than did its part contributing to the excitement as Nick Best forged ahead yesterday.

Best leads the action with 37 points, followed by Terry Hollands at 32.5 points, and the competition is close for second through sixth place. 

Here are the official points after the first day: 

1. Nick Best 37.0
2. Terry Hollands 32.5
3. Louis-Philippe Jean 31.0
4. Marshall White 30.5
5. Mark Felix 30.0
6. Robert Sczepanski 28.0
7. Jerry Pritchett 21.0
8. David Ostlund 21.0
9. Josh Thigpen 18.0
10. Andy Vincent 17.5
11. Karl Gillingham 17.5
12. Odd Haugen 12.0
13. Corey St. Clair 10.0
14. David Hansen 9.0

Odd Haugen told IronMind® that the strongman fans have been tremendous as the FitExpo reportedly drew its largest crowd ever yesterday.  In addition to the title and prize money, the winner of this contest, the Gaspari Nutrition All-American Strongman Challenge, is guaranteed an invitation to the Arnold strongman contest, as well as one to the Mohegan Sun Grand Prix.

Haugen made special mention of Jerry Pritchett - the only amateur in the contest - as he is holding his own in a contest filled with seasoned professionals.

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