Strongman Shines at IRONMAN Expo

Getting strongman off to an outstanding start at this weekend's premiere IRONMAN Expo, Jon Andersen, Odd Haugen, Jesse Marunde and Mark Philippi performed in front of "a great crowd" in what was seen as a terrific event that is sure to grow next year.

Strongman highlights included second-year IFSA pro Jon Andersen lifting 373 pounds overhead on a 14-inch diameter log, and 54-year old Odd Haugen winning the stones, loading the 265-, 300-, 312-, 330- and 385-pound stones in a blazing time of 20 seconds. Mark Philippi had done the stones in 23 seconds, so Odd said he knew he had to have a great performance to beat Mark's time. "It's the best I've ever done," Odd said, "no mistakes."

Looking to be part of next year's IRONMAN Expo in a bigger way, plans call for a full-blown strongman competition in 2005. Keep you eye on for details of next year's expo.

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