Strongman Rehband Cup

Richard Looney and Odd Haugen passed along details on the upcoming Strongman Rehband Cup set for Moscow on November 22.

“Strongman Rehband Cup will held on November 22 in Moscow under the StrongmanRUS aegis in the Strongman Training Centre (Russia, Moscow, 22 Andropova av).

“The world’s strongman super-stars and the new names of this sport will be battle for the victory:

1. Ervin Katona (Serbia). SCL World champion-2011, champion of the European Strongest Team-2008. Height 189cm, weight 155kg.
2. Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland) - Polish Strongest Man, Strongman Champions League World Champion-2013, 2012 WSF World Strongmen Champion. Height 187cv, weight 147kg.

3. Vidas Blekaitis (Lithuania). Winner of the Open Moscow Cup-2014, three-times world champion in team (2005, 2007 and 2008). Height 182cm, weight 155kg.

4. Lauri Nami (Estonia) – Estonian strongest man, winner and prize-winner of the Strongman Champions Leagues stages. Height 187cm, weight 162kg

5. Alexander Lashyn (Ukraine) – five-times Ukrainian Strongest Man. Height 191cm, weight 178kg.

6. Ivan Shatovkin (Russia, Moscow, SR-team) – winner of the Moscow-IceMan 2012, winner of the Open Moscow Cup-2013, winner and prize-winner of international tournament. Height 176cm, weight 102kg.

7. Alexander Lysenko (Russia) – winner and prize-winner of the largest Russian and international tournaments. Height 193cm, weight 150kg.

8. Vladimir Kalinichenko (Russia) – bronze-medalist of the World Team Championships (2007 – 3-d place, 2008 – 2-nd place), participant and prize-winner of the largest Russian and international tournaments. Height 176cm, weight 152kg.
9. Evgeniy Markov (Russia) – champion of Russia-2014, silver-medalist of the stage of WSF World Cup-2014. Height 188cm, weight 150kg.

“There will be four of the hardest events:

1. Giant dumbbell. You should to choose 120kg or 100kg. Time-limit 120sec
2. Medley: Farmers walk 2x150kg for 40m (20+20m with turn); tire carry – athletes should to carry a tire 98kg for 20m and throw it across the platform 123cm; kegs loading (20x100kg, distance 15m and 10m for the platform 123cm). Time-limit 120sec.

3. Axles Medley: 140kg – 150kg – 160kg – 170kg. Time-limit 90sec

4. Atlas stones: 130kg (5m to the platform), 140kg (4m), 160kg (3m), 180kg (near the platform), 195kg (near the platform). Time-limit 90sec.

“Who will be a winner? Answer for this question we will learn very soon!
Start of the competition at 14:00. 

“Furthermore, on the eve of the competition on November 21 in the Strongman Training Centre will be held a free seminar Rehband. The secrets of force of the famous Lithuanian strongman, one of the contenders to win the Strongman Rehband Cup, Vidas Blekaitis. The seminar starts at 19.00.”


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