Strongman Contest Sanctions: The IFSA - WSMSS Interface

Shedding more light on the sanctioning process for strongman contests, IFSA Strongman CEO Jussi Laurimaa explained that the strongman event at the FitExpo this weekend was "sanctioned by IFSA, the world governing body of the Strongman sport administered by IFSA Strongman. As the FitExpo is a national event, the sanctioning is done by IFSA's National Federation in the United States, American Strongman Corporation, run by Dione Wessels."

Although Laurimaa has stated unequivocally that IFSA athletes will not compete in World's Strongest Man Super Series (WSMSS) competitions unless those contests are IFSA sanctioned, he also emphasized that IFSA is striving to support the growth of the sport.

"IFSA Strongman invests heavily into the development of the Strongman sport worldwide, and we want to be as inclusive as it is possible for us to be," Laurimaa said.

"For this reason, we intend to continue supporting independent event promoters such as FitExpo's Odd Haugen who respect the basic rules and health & safety standards of the Strongman sport as stipulated by IFSA and its member federations."

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