Strongman Champions League (SCL) Set for the FIBO: “We Are Not a Mickey Mouse Organization . . .”

Calling it “the SCL rollercoaster,” SCL cofounder Marcel Mostert has given IronMind the details of the second stage of the 2010 Strongman Champions League series, and as Mostert’s name suggests, this isn’t for the meek and it’s not about a quiet stroll in the park.

Strongman Champions League (SCL), featuring the most extensive strongman calendar in the sport, is expanding its role with FIBO, the world’s largest fitness expo.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of SCL/Marcel Mostert.

On 24 April, at the FIBO, will be the next stage from the SCL rollercoaster!
“Twelve strong competitors will fight for the overall title and US$15,000 in Germany . . . on 24 April at the FIBO,” said Mostert.

“Co-organizer Heinz Ollesch and the FIBO board have been a great help to organize this event, which will be televised and broadcast all over the world, including Eurosport.”

The events are: log lift (maximum weight), Bavarian stone lift, medley, circus dumbbell, car deadlift and frame carry.

Top-ranked professional strongman competitors fill the field, along with the SCL policy of including some competitors from the host country as well as giving some up-and-coming athletes a chance to strut their stuff:


1. Travis Ortmayer USA
2. Mikhail Koklyaev Russia
3. Terry Hollands UK
4. Ervin Katona Serbia
5. Florian Trimpl Germany
6. Tobias Ide Germany
7. Juha-Matti Jarvi Finland
8. Gregor Stegnar Slovenia
9. Martin Wildauer Austria
10. Glenn Ross Ireland
11. Jimmy Laureys Belgium
12. Alex Moonen Holland

“At the moment, we are truly the biggest strongman league in the world, with the biggest prize money and the biggest number of different athletes!  We have in each contest at least 10 different countries all the time, and a serious ranking system equal at the Formula 1 [motor] racing sport.  We don’t have to find out the wheel again, we just do our job properly.  We are not a Mickey Mouse competition anymore, but a full grown League with all aspects in high level,” Mostert told IronMind.

“From all athletes and organizers we also hear that our ranking and placing system, is the most honest system in the strongman world, for all athletes who are really strong.  We are very pleased about that, as this has been always our goal.

“Great hotels, flights, food, clothes etc., all paid for our athletes, and a great atmosphere are the pillars of our structure.

“Already in just the 3rd year of existing, it  has become an honor for athletes to be able to compete in the Strongman Champions League, a league just for real champions!
“Therefore, also on the FIBO, the biggest fitness expo in the World, the SCL will expand enormously.  A 3-year deal is signed with the FIBO for continuing this event  and to put it on a higher platform each year!”

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