Strongman Champions League - Finland

Strongman Champions League (SCL) is coming to Finland this weekend, for two days of strongman in Tampere, at what is one of the biggest shopping malls in Finland.

Start time is at noon, with three events, on both June 11 and June 12, featuring top professional strongman competitors from around the world, including last weekend's SCL–South Africa winner, Lauence Shahlaei:

1.   Tomi Lotta    
2.   Topi Frifeldt     
3.   Agris Kazelniks    
4.   Rob Framtom          
5.   Christian Savoie      
6.   Juha Matti Jarvi       
7.   Johannes Arsjo      
8.   Sergei Romanchuk     
9.   Ervin Katon     
10. Warrick Brant    
11. Vytautas Lalas    
12. Laurence Shahlaei  

And speaking of coming from around the world, I’m looking forward to hooking up with my longtime favorite Finnish driver, Jyrki Rantanen, ready to continue our tradition of rendevousing at the Helsinki airport and, well, driving around Finland with plenty of MILO-esque adventures along the way, including being in Tampere for the finals of this contest, SCL–Finland on Saturday.

See you there!


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