Strong-Arm Tactics 2004 Update

Grip strength contest organizer Brian Carlton is all set to unleash some of the strongest hands around at Strong-Arm Tactics 2004 this weekend in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

Carlton said, "It looks like we'll have nearly 25 competitors and some very good ones at that. This contest, thus far, represents grip talent from four different states and one of the competitors has previously bent a 4.5" IronMind® Blue Nail in competition.  It's possible that we may see a Red Nail bent. Also competing are two of only three people who have ever farmer's walked with Inch replicas, along with several certified [on] CoCs (Captains of Crush® grippers).  I expect the Rolling Thunder® event to produce some big poundages as well, as we've got some really big boys with really big hands coming out to this contest. Best of all though, is that it will be great fun and a day well spent!"

For contest details please contact: Brian L. Carlton at .

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