Strong-Arm Tactics 2004

As Brian Carlton explained it, Jeff Bissonnette was contacted by the St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press because they had heard about Brian's Feats With Hands grip contest last summer and wanted to learn more about the grip strength thing.

Brian figured that with all this media attention, not to mention all the strong-handed Minnesotans wandering around, what better way to spend a winter afternoon than squeezing the daylights out of a variety of things, so he set up a new grip contest: Strong-Arm Tactics, which is set to run on January 31st in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.

Cutting to the chase, this grip contest will feature closing Captains of Crush® grippers, pinch gripping plates, the IronMind® Rolling Thunder® and bending the IronMind® nails—three attempts in each event.

For contest details and to register, please contact: Brian L. Carlton at .

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