Stian Grimseth Cup: Super-Fest

Once again, the Stian Grimseth Cup in Norway will feature some of the world's very best superheavyweight weightlifters, as Olympic gold medalists Andrei Chemerkin (Russia) and Hossein Rezazadeh (Iran) are among the lifters set to compete.

Rezazadeh, the 2000 Olympic champion, is reported to be in excellent condition, and is coming off what was described as a very easy 200-kg snatch and 250-kg clean and jerk at the recent IWF Hungarian Grand Prix. Norweigan weightlifting ace Per Mattingsdal said that a cash bonus has been offered for new world records, and considering the shape Rezazadeh is in, he noted, "Maybe we will have the first World Weightlifting Record ever in Norway. . . ." Other lifters confirmed to compete on June 14th are: Stian Grimseth (Norway), Tibor Stark (Hungary), Gregorz Ketzcz (Poland).

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