Steve Jeck: Set Your Sails

When Steve Jeck quietly wrote to MILO about his firsthand introduction to Scotland's famed Inver Stone, nobody in the world would have guessed the full impact of that letter to the editor.

That was in January 1994 (MILO, Volume 1 - Number 4), and now we call him Steve "Inver Stone" Jeck, he's the co-author of the traditional stone lifter's handbook (Of Stones and Strength) and is the star of a DVD (Kviahellan: The Pen Slab) which documents Steve's matchup with Iceland's famed Husafell stone.

In recognition of his excellence, Steve earned a chair as MILO's resident strength philosopher - delivering thoughts and commentary that will inspire and guide greater performance, and in 2004, IronMind® began presenting another dimension of Steve's work.

Steve's latest gem is ready for you: Click on the From the Quarry button on the IronMind homepage, or go directly to the From the Quarry Index page.

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