Steve Gardener Wins 2nd Stage of World’s Strongest Hands, David Horne Retains Overall Lead

David Horne’s World’s Strongest Hands series continued with 47 competitors competing in multiple locations yesterday - Steve Gardener took top honors overall and Elizabeth Horne was the highest ranking woman in yesterday's grip strength contest.

This was a three-event contest, featuring Horne’s adjustable pinch grip device, wrist developer and adjustable gripper: Jedd Johnson won the 2-hands pinch; Stew Killick, Steve Gardener and Nick McKinless ended in a three-way tie on the wrist developer; and Paul Knight won the Vulcan gripper.  David Horne retained his overall lead after the first two legs on the men’s side and Elizabeth Horne. 

"There are some serious grip athletes in this comp; with the likes of Paul Knight and Andrew Durniat also joining at this stage," David Horne told IronMind.

Top ten overall results from yesterday:

1. Steve Gardener 6.5
2. David Horne 11.0
3. Nick McKinless 13.0
4. Aaron Corcorran, Paul Knight 15.5
6. David Thornton 16.5
7. Jedd Johnson 22.5
8. Jouni Pakarinen 29.0
9. Tim Struse 30.0
10. Stew Killick 36.5

Five women also competed:

1. Elizabeth Horne 3.0
2. Mary Ann McKeague 8.0
3. Yvonee Hakkinen 9.5
4. Sherrie Wheeler 11.5
5. Jerri Larkin 13.0

After two legs, here are the total points: 

1. David Horne 320.000
2. Steve Gardener 272.000
3. Aaron Corcorran 147.000
4. Nick McKinless 108.000
5. David Thornton 27.000
6. Paul Knight 27.000
7. Jedd Johnson 13.500
8. Tim Struse 7.500
9. Adam Glass 7.125
10. Stew Killick, Jouni Pakarinen 7.000

Two more contests remain in the series. 

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