Steel Benders on a Roll: Chris Mason Certifies on the IronMind Red Nail™

Steel benders of the world are getting off to a strong start this year and Chris Mason has just proved he’s one to be taken seriously as he officially bent an IronMind Red Nail and now has his name on the Red Nail Roster™.

Who’s a Kansas City Chiefs fan?  Meet Chris Mason—just certified on the Red Nail.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Chris Mason.
Who’s a Kansas City Chiefs fan?  Meet Chris Mason—just certified on the Red Nail.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Chris Mason.

A 4th grade teacher, the 6’ 4” 255-lb. Chris Mason must have one of the more unusual ways to get his students’s attention if necessary: “Boys and girls, look at what Mr. Mason can do.”  Off duty, he rates time spent with his wife and family above all, and Chris also enjoys playing golf and football, as well as working out. 

“My future strength goals are focused on grip contests, strongman shows and becoming as strong as I possibly can,” he told IronMind.

Incidentally, talking about getting as strong as possible, Chris’s referee was the Brad Johnson - the man who not only does one-arm chins with ease . . . he does one-finger, one-arm chins.

Congratulations, Chris, and many thanks, Brad!


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