St. Patrick’s Strongman Challenge

This Sunday, March 14, the Limerick (Ireland) Strongman Club will be running the first of two international strongman contests planned for 2010, this one featuring 2-man teams from four difference countries.

Team Ireland: James Fennelly, Dave Warner
Team England: Mark Felix, Laurence Shahlaei
Team Scotland: Louis Maclean, Jimmy Marku (replacing Christopher Inness, who was injured)
Team Poland: Slawek Toczek, Jarek Dymek

Six events will test the strength of the two-man teams:

1. Two-man car wheelbarrow race
2. Tire flip: 450 kg, 4 flips/man
3. Team deadlift: 600 kg for reps
4. Two-man log lift: 250 kg for reps
5. Super yoke/farmer's walk: “Athlete 1 lifts the 380-kg (60-stone) super yoke apparatus and runs 30 meters tagging his teammate who runs 30 meters back down the course with the 280-kg pair of farmer’s walk [implements] in his hands.  Fastest time wins.”
6. Loading Medley: “Teams must load objects into a sled and pull the 1,000-kg sled 30 meters

The competition will be held at the Sean Choil Sports Facility, Corbally, Limerick.  Strongman Champions League cofounder Ilkka Kinnunen will be the referee.

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