Squeeze Hard in Southern California

Kevin Meskew's Power Palace is the site of several upcoming meets, but one that is sure to spark in the interest of all you steel-handed Southern Californians is his Iron Grip Decathlon Challenge.

Set for April 29 in Chatsworth, Kevin says the "competition is open to any athlete (but need not be athletic)," and while strong hands would be a definite plus if you want to place well, everyone can have a good time. Events include such classics as Captains of Crush® Grippers, the IronMind® Hub and Rolling Thunder, and some events like a heavy wrist roll that you don't run into every day.

For details, please contact Kevin Meskew at (818) 899-7555 or warrior01@earthlink.net While you're at it, ask Kevin about his strict curl contest (April 1) and his Iron Warrior "Festival of Strength Decathlon" (May 13).

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