Spokane Highland Games: 2011 IHGF World Amateur Championships

This year’s Spokane Highland Games “attracted a record number of amateur athletes, totaling nearly 30 entries, and an enthusiastic crowd of three thousand spectators,” Francis Brebner reported to IronMind®—all paving the way to the 2011 IHGF Heavy Events World Amateur Championships.
“Last Friday evening, an IHGF clinic was arranged by Jon McKenzie, the athletic director for the Games, which was attended by 11 athletes, most of whom were novices who showed a lot of potential,” Brebner said.
The next day, Reggie Gibbs won the Amateur B class, Jason Montgomery won the Amateur A, Eric Wechter won the Masters and Karyn Dallmore won the Women’s class.
“Jon McKenzie said he was very happy with this year’s Games and is looking forward to the Spokane Games moving up a gear next year as it hosts the 2011 IHGF World Amateur Championships,” said Brebner.

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