We regularly receive emails from self-promoters who proclaim the most mundane as magnificent, so it's important to remember that there are plenty of people who are the opposite - guys who bang out tremendous performances and barely say a peep about it.

MILO® readers and IronMind® customers know that the Holle brothers are in the latter class, so it shouldn't be too surprising that only by chance did we learn that the Holles have not exactly been sitting on their hands.

Nathan Holle was quite casual about banging out 115 kg righthanded and 97 kg lefthanded on a dynamometer with a previous best of, we believe, 94 kg, by Clay Edgin. On the same unit, Craig Holle "scored 100 kg in his right and 95 kg in his left."

And if dynamometers don't exactly boost your pulse, consider this: Craig Holle bent two 60-penny nails at the same time, barehanded of course, and "plate wrist curled over his knee with one hand a 15-kg Olympic plate for 15 reps."

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