Southern California: Strict Curl, Body Weight Bench Press, Chin Ups, Dips and Grip Contests This Weekend

Whether you like to curl, chin, dip, bench or grip, you're all set for a good time in the Los Angeles area this weekend. Muscle Beach (Venice, California) is the site of Kevin Meskew's strict curl contest tomorrow morning, followed by a grip contest that will include the IronMind® Hub and the IronMind® Rolling Thunder® for maximum weight, and a new event: holding a quarter between the ends of a No. 2 Captains of Crush® gripper for time - let the handles open, the quarter falls and that's your time, with the best time winning. The best lifter in the strict curl competition and the overall winner of the grip contest will receive a $50.00 IronMind® gift certificate. Moving over to Clark's Nutritional Center (Riverside, California), Starkie Sowers is holding a great event: bodyweight bench press for reps, chin ups and dips for reps, and the Rolling Thunder® for maximum weight - enter any or all of the events and call Clark's for details: (909) 686-4757. First place in the Clark's bench press competition earns $1,500.00 cash (!) and there are piles of gift certificates, plus you can enter next year's "most improved" event, too. "Do the reps!"

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