South Korea Will Host 2007 IFSA Worlds

IFSA Managing Director Christian Fennell told IronMind® today that the 2007 IFSA World Championships will be held in South Korea, September 11 - 16, just outside of Seoul.

This contest is one of five international contests that make up the 2007 IFSA television series, Christian said, along with the:

European Championships (July 21 - 22),
Four-Man Team World Championships (August 4 -5),
Two-Man Team World Championships (October 7 - 9), and the
Open World Championships (to be held in September).

The top twelve finishers from the IFSA European Championships, along with the top six finishers from the IFSA USA Championships, have qualified for the IFSA World Championships, Fennell explained, and the Open World Championships allow any other athletes to compete for the top three spots, which will also qualify for a berth at the IFSA World Championships in Korea.

IFSA is continuing to grow, said Fennell, noting, "We had 12 half-hour TV shows in 2005 and again in 2006, and we have 26 episodes this year, with national distribution in the USA, Russia, Canada and the UK."

Returning to what he calls "a federation's body of events," and citing that as an index of its vitality, Fennell said, "IFSA has already held more contests this year than any other federation will probably hold all year."

And as far as what reaches the athletes, Fennell said that while it's premature to get too specific about the prize money at the 2007 IFSA World Championships, the total purse will be a minimum of US$125,000.

For full details on the upcoming IFSA contests and related developments, please check the official IFSA website.

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