Simonen Qualifies for European Strongest Man

Harri Simonen won this weekend's Finnish Open strongman competition, which qualified him for the prestigious IFSA European Strongest Man competition.

Simonen finished with 45 points; second place was Heinonen, with 41.5 points, and third was Odd Haugen, with 39.5 points. Remaining places and points were: 4) Hohtaro, 37 points; 5) Rasanen, 36 points; 6) Turenen, 33 points; 7) Karlsson, 27.5 points; 8) Holte, 22 points; 9) Vilkko, 18 points; 9) Pattero, 18 points; 11) Wennberg, 11.5 points.

Referee Ilkka Kinnunen, said, "Harri has been at a top level for years, but once again he showed that he's in top shape." And once again it was proven that age need not be a barrier to excellence, as 51-year old Odd Haugen turned in an impressive performance. "Odd looked really good - I was amazed," said Kinnunen, "and there were a few new young guys who did really well, like Karlsson, who's two meters tall and only 19 years old."

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