Short Benders See Red

They're at it again and the results are pretty staggering: From the sound of things, Greg Amidon and Dave Morton are bending Red Nails like they are coat hangers.

Grip guy Clay Edgin just reported, "Last night's webcam bending session featured Greg Amidon against Dave Morton in a bending marathon to see who could bend more Red nails. After an hour and 12 minutes, Greg had completely U'ed 50 and Dave Morton stopped at 38 only because he ran out! Both men are going to be ordering many more Reds from you soon, so if you see an order for something ridiculous like 200 reds from Dave Morton, you know that he's going to get his revenge on Greg in the next bending marathon."

There must be something in the air, because Bob Bollenbach called yesterday to say that Pat Povilaitis had bent 35 IronMind® Red Nails during a visit to Bollenbach's Gym over the weekend.

We're pretty impressed with these performances, but from the sound of things, each of these guys has some more gas in the tank, so this is what we're wondering: Who is going to be the first guy to bend 100 IronMind® Red Nails in under two hours? Anyone who did this, following the same rules that IronMind® uses for certifying Red Nail® benders, would be making quite a mark for himself.

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