Sergey Filimonov: World Record Snatch at the Asian Games

Pusan, Korea – Making it look easy, Sergey Filimonov (KAZ) snatched 173 kg at the Asian Games to set a new world record in the 77-kg category.

Filimonov appeared to be lifting well within his limits as he went six for six, ending with a 202.5-kg clean and jerk, and the gold medal.  Mohammad Barkhah (IRI) took the silver via 160/202.5 and his teammate Nejad Falahati earned the bronze medal with 150/200. 

Li Hongli (CHN) had looked to be in the hunt for the gold medal, but it wasn't his night: In a call that was hard to understand, he followed Filimonov's world record with the same weight, which he made.  It turned out to not matter, though, because he missed the jerk three times after cleaning 197.5 kg with no apparent effort.

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