Sergey Filimonov (KAZ) Shines at the Asian Weightlifting Championships

Almaty, Kazakhstan – It couldn't have been scripted any better: Kazakhstan's Sergey Filimonov swept the gold medals and broke the world record in the snatch in the 77-kg category today at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Starting what would be a six-for-six day, Filmonov opened with an effortless 160-kg snatch, hit 167.5 on his second attempt, and followed that with a world record lift of 173.5 kg. Maintaining his momentum in the clean and jerk, Filmonov did 190, 195 and 197.5 to cap off a great day.

Earlier, China's Liu Xia won all three gold medals in the women's 63-kg category with 102.5/137.5 and Kazakhstan's Olga Sablina got silver medals in the jerk (125 kg) and in the total (220 kg).

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