Sergei Koniushok Wins 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers

Day two of the 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers began with another world record, as Mirko Rotte carried the 370-kg car down the 25 meter course in 17.49 seconds.

Next up was the deadlift and it, too, produced a world record, with Maris Rozentals getting 6 reps on the 332-kg apparatus.  Lalas was second with 4 reps and Koniushok got 3 reps.  At this point, Koniushok led with 106 points, followed by Lalas and Hartinkainen both with 99 points.

Hartinkainen won the Conan’s wheel and going into the last event - the Atlas stones - Koniushok led with 122 points, Hartikainen was in second with 118 points and Lalas was in third with 116 points.

The Atlas Stones provided more fireworks, with Lalas setting a 105-kg strongman world record as he won the event.  Hartikainen was second in the stones.

Overall top three:

Sergei Koniushok
Janne Hartikainen
Marius Lalas

Special thanks to Jyrki Rantanen for his excellent reporting throughout the contest.

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