September MILO is Here!

Never mind the rain: classic Dan McKim, with a winning wind-up on the heavy weight for distance. McKim put himself in a deep hole by finishing in eighth place on the first event, the open stone, but by the end of the contest, he had fought his way back to the top, and then he laid all comers low on the weight for height, regaining the IHGF world champion’s crown. ©Randall J. Strossen photo

Featuring Dan McKim on the cover, the September 2015 issue of MILO is here, packed with information and inspiration to fuel your next round of personal bests.

The September MILO has contest reports on the IHGF World Championships, the Armlifting World Championships and World’s Strongest Man—so that should get your juices running.

Tons on training, too—from mas wrestling to grip strength to singles for strength—as well as the special features and world-class content that define MILO . . . Roundtable Report on strength training for defensive linemen, 7 Questions with Dr. Antonio Urso, president of the European Weightlifting Federation, Captains of Crush gripper certifications . . .

Who’d have the thought the key read in the strength world could come in such a pretty, well-rounded package: MILO.


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