Second Opinion on Strongman Mikhail Koklyaev’s Accident: Ulterior Motives Cited

Upset by what she describes as people seeking to undermine Russian strongman Mikhail Koklyaev, his manager, Ekaterina Mayorskaya, told IronMind®, “I beg you not to pay any attention to the press information about Mikhail Koklyaev’s accident that is now circulated in Internet . . . It is all a lie.”

“It is not an official version of what really happened and part of it are sheer fabrications of Michael’s [Mikhail Koklyaev’s] ‘friends’ and  ‘well-wishers’ who are eager to smear his reputation as [a] famous sportsman and public person,” Ms. Mayorskaya said.
“It goes without saying that what happened is a tragedy for many persons and for Michael as well.  No one has the right to use it for self-serving purposes,” she continued.

“For the moment the legal authorities abstain from making public their official conclusions because the investigation is still going on.  But we already know for certain that Michael was driving according to the traffic rules, that the speed of his car was not excessive and that he was perfectly sober (immediately after the the accident he pass through alcohol test),”  Ms. Mayorskaya said, in direct contradiction to most of the major points presented in the reports that she is challenging.

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