Sebastian Wenta Wins the 2010 Killin Highland Games

Sebastian Wenta won the 2010 Killin Highland Games, which returned to a traditional format, Francis Brebner reported to IronMind®.

The Killin Highland Games

by Francis Brebner

The Killin Highland Games, formerly the host to events with the Highlander theme, has returned to its roots of the traditional Games.  Held this midweek, it attracted a bumper crowd and its largest number of heavy entries to date.  
A total of 17 athletes turned out to compete in the Games, which had a prize list that ran to eighth place.  Amongst the star lineup were Sebastian Wenta, Lukas Wenta, David Dowson, Craig Sinclair, Bruce Aitken, Bruce Robb, Stuart Anderson, Stephen King, and the new Polish putting sensation Dominik Zielinski, to name but a few.

The first event with the 16-lb. open shot proved to be putting at its best, with the top three athletes surpassing 55’.  L. Wenta produced a class put of 58’ 4” for the win, with the rookie Zielinski in second place at 57’ 1” and S. Wenta in third place with 55’ 7”.  The Englishman Dowson came in a respectable fourth place with 52’ 9”.

The 22-lb. shot caused a stir.  Zeilinski blasted out a sensational put of 47’ 10” for the win, this time over L. Wenta, who placed second with a put of 45’ 11’’.  S. Wenta took third place with 45’ 5” and Dowson fourth with 41’ 11”.
The 28-lb. weight for distance was a close contest between S. Wenta and Sinclair, with S. Wenta coming out on top at 78’ 1”, with Sinclair in a close second at 77’ 11”.  Bruce Aitken squeezed into third place with 74’ 5” ahead of Bruce Robb, who placed fourth with 73’ 5”.
Moving on to the heavy weight for distance, which weighed 50 lb., S. Wenta once again took the honours with a winning distance of 51’ 3”.  In second place was L. Wenta with 47’ 1”, just pipping Sinclair, who took third at 46’ 11”, leaving Zeilinski in fourth place at 46’.

Aitken came into his own in the 16-lb. hammer as he let rip with an awesome throw of 135’ 1” for the win over King, who placed second with 129’ 7”.  In third place was S. Wenta with 120’ 9”, and in fourth, Sinclair with 120’ 3”. 

In the 22-lb. hammer, Aitken notched up his second win with a distance of 109’ 3”.  In second place was Sinclair at 106’ 2” and in third was King at 102’ 10”.  Snapping at his heels in fourth place was S. Wenta at 101’ 5”.

The caber measured over 18’ in length and weighed 125-lb., and L. Wenta nailed the win with a 12:01 toss over big brother S. Wenta, who did 12:05.  King and Zeilinski tied for third place with 12:10. 

The final event, the 56-lb. weight over the bar, was won by S. Wenta at a height of 16’ 6”.  In second place was L. Wenta with 15’ 6”, with a tie between Anderson and Zeilinski at 14’ 6” for third place. 

Overall placings:

1.  S. Wenta
2.  L. Wenta
3.  D. Zeilinski
4.  B. Aitken
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