Sebastian Wenta Wins Third Highlander Title

Described as a “crossover” athlete when he won the Alba Highland Games last weekend, Sebastian Wenta proved the accuracy of that profile as he won the Highlander Challenge for the third time . . . in fact, it’s three wins in a row for the Polish strongman–Highland Games competitor.

Kyrylo Chuprynin was second, Scott Rider was third, Aaron Neighbour was fourth and Wout Zjilstra was fifth.

Held at Glenarm Castle in Northern Ireland and “overseen by the Earl of Antrim, who gave away The Devastator trophy,” the Highlander Games are a Highland Games–strongman hybrid with ancient warrior overtones that have been positioned by Douglas Edmunds as a much needed mediagenic alternative to the traditional Highland Games.

Colin Bryce - no stranger to top performances in the Highland Games and in strongman - told IronMind®, “Probably the best performance was 60’ 10” in the 16-pound stone put by Sebastian Wenta.”

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