Sebastian Wenta Wins Gododdin Challenge

It was a long day with a very close finish - Sebastian Wenta (Poland) edged out Gregor Edmunds (Scotland) by one-half point for the victory at the Gododdin Challenge today at Blair Castle in Scotland, and Kyrylo Chuprynin (Ukraine) was third.

"It was very good, a tough competition," Wenta said. "I am very happy to win."

Hjalti Arnason was on hand to watch the contest and he said it was pretty exciting and that he assumed that this made-for-TV event would result in excellent shows.

Mike Zolkiewicz, the top-placing American, finished fourth and he was very enthusiastic about the Highlander concept, a blend of traditional Highland Games and strongman events, saying that the contest "had great balance and it tested athletic ability beyond just a Highland Games or a strongman contest."

Backed by Event Scotland, this contest is the brainchild of Dr. Douglas Edmunds, the godfather of strongman and a longtime, staunch supporter of the Highland Games.

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