Sebastian Wenta Wins Glasgow Green Highland Games . . . Misha Koklyaev Lifts Big Weights

Sebastian Wenta won the Glasgow Green Highland Games today, with Scott Rider earning second place and Gregor Edmunds taking third place.

Scott Rider won the caber, Lukas Wenta won the shot with 59’ 10” and Gunnar Pfingston from Stuttgart put in a very credible performance, too,” Colin Bryce reported to IronMind®.  “Koklyaev made several attempts at 18 feet but fatigue seeems to have got the better of him.”

Why should he be tired?  Well, how about last night’s exhibition?

“Misha did 400 kg x 3 in the deadlift, a 290-kg no-hands 'Koklyaev Squat' (sounds crazy and it was),  a 190-kg snatch, and a 270-kg behind-the-neck jerk!”


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