Sebastian Wenta Wins Aboyne Highland Games

Sebastian Wenta is turning up the heat on the Highland Games circuit and he’s just added a win at Aboyne to his list of victories.

Francis Brebner filed this report for IronMind®.

2009 Aboyne Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
The Aboyne Highland Games, a venue in the Glenfiddich series, had a big turnout of more than 6,000 spectators who had travelled near and far to watch this event which had been chosen as a 2009 Homecoming Games on the Scottish circuit, receiving special funding because of its selection.
One of the highlights of the Games was the clan parade behind the Gordon Highlanders Pipe Band, with almost a thousand clan members taking part, a great sight to behold.
Eight top heavies made up the field, including the current IHGF world champion Aaron Neighbour, Polish brothers Sebastian and Lucas Wenta, Scott Rider, Craig Sinclair, Bruce Robb, Stephen Aitkin, and David Dowson.
In the heavy 22-lb. stone, massive distances were putted—and by no means is this stone easy to put with its circumference the size of a standard soccer ball and very awkward indeed.

Despite this, England’s Scott Rider blasted out a leading put of 48’ 2”, just enough to take the win over second-place Sebastian Wenta at 47’ 6”, with brother Lucas in third at 45’.
With all the athletes fired up after the first event, the 16-lb. light stone was sent into orbit again by Rider with a worthy put of  57’ 6”, with Sebastian Wenta this time 2’ behind at 55’ 6” in second place, and once more Lucas Wenta in third place at 53’.
In the 22-lb. hammer, Scotland’s number-one hammer thrower Craig Sinclair breezed through the event with an excellent throw of 104’ 5”, with Sebastian Wenta in second place at 99’ 8”, and the big Australian Neighbour in third at 99’ 7”.

Once more in the 16-lb. hammer Sinclair showed great form, with a noble winning throw of 128’ 1”; in second was Neighbour at 122’ 8” and in third, Sebastian Wenta at 118’ 6”.
The 28-lb. weight for distance was a close event between the top three athletes, with Neighbour finally claiming the win with a throw of 81’ 6”; Scotland’s Bruce Robb took second place at 79’10”, and Sebastian Wenta placed third at 78’ 1”.
In the 56-lb. weight for distance, this time it was Robb with a clear winning distance of 41’ 9”over Neighbour, who placed second with 39’ 6”; Rider landed in third sport at 38’ 7”.
In the caber event, with a pole of 120 lb. and 19’ long, there was a tie between Scott Rider and Sebastian Wenta, who shared the win with perfect 12:00 tosses; Robb followed in third place with a toss of 12:10.
The final event of the competition proved a highlight of the day, with Sebastian Wenta breaking the ground record of 16’ 2” previously held by Dave Barron of America since 2003.  Wenta succeeded with a new ground record height of 17’; in second equal were Robb, Neighbour and Lucas Wenta at a height of 16’.
Overall points:

1.  Sebastian Wenta    34.5
2.  Aaron Neighbour   25.5
3.  Scott Rider             24
4.  Bruce Robb           19.5
5.  Craig Sinclair         15
6.  Lucas Wenta          11
Overall Glenfiddich standings:
1.  Stephen Aitken      196.5
2.  Bruce Robb            194
3.  Craig Sinclair         129.5
4.  David Dowson         93.75
The next Glenfiddich Games in the series will be at Ballater on 13 August 2009.


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