Sean Prince and Jason Deane Make the Red Nail Roster . . . At Last

For what Sean Prince and Jason Deane went through, their certification on the IronMind® Red Nail™ should count not only as a feat of superior short bending, but also as a display of significant stamina.

We tip our hats to Sean and Jason not just for succeeding on this benchmark short bend, but also for handling more than their share of bumps in the road as their certification - through absolutely no fault of theirs - went from days to weeks to months. We often say that patience and persistence will help you make amazing progress in your training and if there have ever been two guys who displayed these qualities on this renowned feat of strength, it's Sean Prince and Jason Deane.

Recognizing their accomplishment, IronMind® is proud to add Sean Prince and Jason Deane to the IronMind Red Nail Roster.

Congratulations, guys!

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